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Remote Learning Plan and Policy

Remote Learning Curriculum Plan January 2021

Remote Learning Policy-Draft


It is important that we take good care of our mental health every week. I have put together a 'Ways to Wellbeing' guide which we hope you find informative and I will also attach a Well-being Workbook which might be quite useful for the half term holiday. If you would like a printed copy of this, please let us know and we can arrange for you to pick one up.


Ways to Wellbeing


Reading at Home Top Tips

Please find below some tips for supporting your child in their reading at home.

Supporting Home Learning Routines

Top Tips to Support Reading at Home

Top Tips to Support Reading at Home Key Stage 2


Cambridgeshire Constabulary Children and Young People Team

Please find below a copy of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary Children and Young People Team's Safer Schools Newsletter. This week is specifically aimed at support and guidance for Parents/Carers where they have highlighted awareness of the risks involved with Children and Young People using the TikTok app.

Please feel free to contact the Cambridgeshire Constabulary Children and Young People Team if you have any questions or feedback.

KS1 Safer Schools Newsletter 

KS2 Safer Schools Newsletter


Reopening of School for Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 6

Learning Together Cambridgshire have created a campaign to help parents feel supported in preparing their children for the return to school. The campaign will centre around themes of emotional health, anxiety and wellbeing, use of IT, sleep support, routines and boundaries, healthy eating and sustainable travel. A new theme will be released each week on their website. You may find a general introduction here

For additional resources on preparing for the return to school, please see links below:

Guide to Returning to School After Covid-19 Closure

Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for Returning to School

Coronavirus Back to School Story

4 Powerful Ways to Manage Back to School Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness Week and Purple Day

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Sleep Hero Activities

Resilience at Home Guide

Public Health England - Guidance for Supporting Children and Young People

How to Support Your Child

Looking After Your Feelings and Body


Family Support and Advice

Danielle Cousins and Emily Norman, our Early Intervention Family Workers, have recommended Big Life Journal as a great resource with a 'great deal of knowledge and some wonderful strategies'. If interested, you may sign up for their free Friday print out here.  Over the summer holidays you may also like to check out their 35 Virtual Camps and Activities and their Top 30 Kindness and Friendship Movies for Families.

Please see below for additonal resources provided by Ms Danielle Cousins to help parents and carers during lockdown:

Please see links below for our upcoming taster workshops. 

Taster session workshop for parents

Taster session consent form

Parent/Carer Support Line

Tips and Ideas 6 Jan 2021

Tips and Ideas during Lockdown - July 2020 (2)

Tips and Ideas during Lockdown - July 2020

Tips and Ideas during Lockdown - June 2020 (2)

Tips and Ideas during Lockdown - June 2020

5 Steps to Help Children Cope With Stress

25 Tips and Activities to Make Quarantine Fun for Children

Tips and Ideas for Lockdown

Cambridgeshire County Council - Looking After Yourself, Looking After Your Children

14 Day Home Challenge Activities


Keeping Active

Premier Education PE Home Learning Pack


GenR8 - Reflection and Activity Ideas

Please visit the link below for up to date videos, reflections and activities, including: 'Feeding of the 5000', 'The Good Samaritan', 'The Lost Sheep', 'Hope in the Storm' and 'A Son's Choices'.

GenR8 Videos, Reflections and Activity Ideas

The latest and final GenR8 video for this term is titled ‘The Thankful Man (Jesus Heals The Ten Lepers)’ and looks at being thankful and saying thank you. The video, reflections and activities can be found below:

The Thankful Man (Jesus Heals The Ten Lepers)Video

The Thankful Man - Reflections and Activities

GenR8 have also produced Inspire Prayer Space resources on a variety of themes, including (click on theme for link): encouragementthinking of others, overcoming challenge and worry and anxiety. Visit the link below for additional Inspire Prayer Space ideas.

GenR8 Prayer Spaces


Light and Life School Presentation

 "Good things from bad times" looks at how good can come from difficult circumstances - a theme that we could all do with hearing at this moment in time. Please follow this link to access the presentation. 


Managing Money - Discussion and Activity Ideas

Picture News has provided some fun resources to help prompt discussions with children about managing money. Read how one parent’s solution to helping her children manage money during the lockdown period was to buy a vending machine for the family!

See the links below for discussion ideas and activities:

Discussion ideas and prompts

Picture News at Home

Home Learning Managing Money                   


Currencies Around the World

Design a Money Box


E-Safety and Parental Controls

Another topic of conversation that we have been having quite regularly is around online safety. Children had e-safety lessons last week but we thought it might also be useful for parents to know about parental controls that are available so we have put together a guide. This is purely for your information and, as a school, we don't advocate one particular set of controls but it's always handy to know what is possible!

Online Safety and Parental Controls

Let's Talk About Life Online

Visit our E-Safety page for additional resources.